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Hi All,
I am trying to load the 8 mil rows into the target table and when I try to insert into target table then I get the below issue
* 16:46:18 UTY1802 Processing Import Sequence 1, Source Sequence 800000.
* 16:46:22 UTY4014 Access module error '17' received during 'pmReadDDparse'

I am trying to delete the non PI column from the pi column of the same table.
Query as below.

delete From A tbl1  

Where  Exists(

                Select 1 

                From A tbl2

                Where tbl1.non_pi = tbl2.PI

Hello Everyone  , Need Help !!
I wanted to search a string which is matched from a different coulumn , for eg
ABCD is to be searched in Column of different table column , value in that column can be like '1234abcd789ABCD' , basically need to search a entire string in different column which can hold the value in between

I have one table A which consists of two columns Route_Cd and Event_Actual_Dttm.
And other table B contains column as Src_Obj_Id

1)If Route_Cd and Event_Actual_Dttm are same for all Src_Obj_Id's which are coming from Table B
then we have to set flag as zero.

Hi Dieter ,
I am running below query 

Hi All,

I need a data like below, I want to generate a rank value for each set of Flags. 

seq market  product startdt  enddt  flag
1 10 100 5/10/2015 5/16/2015 N
2 10 100 5/17/2015 5/23/2015 N
3 10 100 5/24/2015 5/30/2015 Y
4 10 100 5/31/2015 6/6/2015 Y
5 10 100 6/7/2015 6/13/2015 Y
6 10 100 6/14/2015 6/20/2015 N

I am a newbee to Teradata.Currently using version 14 for developmental work.
Q1 I am working on a stored procedure that need to accept two Input parameters ID1 and ID2 from a Stage table that will be populated using another SQL.

I have a scenario where I need to writed a query if the ERRORCODE condition satisfies in BTEQ .the Query is quite large and have many Joins , so is there any way I can put it to next line, since when I put the next line it doesn't work.
Workaround for the same would be helpful but need to have it after then.

How does sample with replacement work? Please explain me using examples and variety of methods by which it can be used in queries.

Hi All,

select TableName, cast(sum(CurrentPerm)/(1024*1024*1024) as decimal(18,2))  as ActualSpace,

count(*)*cast((max(CurrentPerm)-avg(CurrentPerm))/(1024*1024*1024) as decimal(18,2)) as WastedSpace

from dbc.TableSize where DatabaseName='Database_name'