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Multiple rows into Single row
Hi Team,   I have a requirement like below. Col1  ABC DEF and if my COL1 has any of ABC or DEF then it should make another entry say 'XYZ' like below. COL1 ABC DEF XYZ. When i use a case statement like below.
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Suggest me which query to use
Hi All, Please find the below two queries. I need to know, is both the queries will give the same result? if yes then which one will consume more spool. FYI: TABLEA contains 4billion records, TABLEB contains 10 million records and TABLEC contains 1million records.   SELECT * FROM TABLEA INNER JOIN TABLEB
Complex SQL query
I am new to Teradata, and have this requirement at job. In below table i have three columns given (REF_ID,Seq_Nbr and depth). I need to create a new_column which should have values based on Depth.
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Position value for numeric, alphabets and blank
I am having one column where it can have position 3-5 as blank. It can be as position 3 as blank or position 4-5 as blank.
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ROW_NUMBER() Problem in SUb Query
TPT10508: RDBMS error 2583 error in teradata tpt
Hi, I am trying to insert data from prod to dev by using TPT Update operator. By mistake i have deleted all error tables including work table, log table. Agin when i submit the script am got TPT10508: RDBMS error 2583 error in teradata tpt Error. Can you please suggest me how  resolve this issue. Error :
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Date And Add_Month query problem
Hi, Can anyone help me to convert the below query in Teradata. SELECT TO_CHAR(SYSDATE-7,'DD-MON-YYYY')||'|'||TO_CHAR(LAST_DAY(ADD_MONTHS(SYSDATE,11)),'DD-MON-YYYY') FROM dual; I am trying very hard, but as new to teradata, so couldnt workmuch. Please help me asap
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Simple Loading into table ( table to table Load)
Hi All,   Wish you a very Happy new Year 2014 I have a very simple requirement of just taking back up of existing table , so I have followed folowing steps   1. created a back-up table very similar to existing table (using SHOW SELECT * FROM <tablename> )
BTeq date issue
Hi, I am having an issue when using Bteq in Linux.  Let's say I have a table in teradata that has two columns: Article            Date_issue  Article1         12/18/2013 When I qu ery this table from Bteq in Linux the result is: Article            Date_Issue Article1          13/12/18
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Hi All,   I have below mentioned Script . I am not completely clear with the use of (IGNORE DUPLICATE UPDATE ROWS,INSERT FOR MISSING UPDATE ROWS,IGNORE MISSING UPDATE ROWS) in the Script could any 1 help me with the same.     /**************************************************************/ /* */