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Doing the join-index shuffle with Unity Director/Loader
Life often requires comprises. In a data warehouse, there's often a trade-off between providing quick response times to reporting users running complex reports, and loading tables with new up-to-date data. Adding join-indexes to a table can speed up reports, and solve redistribution problems, but do come at a cost to table updates.
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Working with Stored Procedures in Unity Director
Unity Director currently has a number of limitations regarding the use of stored procedures. These limitations are often misunderstood, and mistakenly lead to the assumption that stored procedures are not currently supported by Unity Director.
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Teradata Unity Director and Unity Loader Architecture
This is a review of the Unity (formerly Director and Loader) architecture.
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Stored Procedure Execution via Unity
Hi, I am not sure if this is the right category of the current issues we are facing right now. Unity Director had been implemented in our client together with the Teradata database implementation. I am not sure if this is a verified bug but below are the current scenario we are facing.
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Unity Director & Unity Loader - Product Overview & Roadmap
Unity Director and Unity Loader are core components of the Teradata Unity Portfolio. This presentation provides a high-level overview of the Unity Director and Unity Loader feature functionality and future roadmap.
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Data Synchronization - Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
Data synchronization can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be... 
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Accessing Historical and Current Data with Unity Director
Unity Director is an extremely capable product that offers a wide variety of benefits. One of it's unique benefits is the ability to easily route users and requests to specific Teradata systems. There are many potential uses of this ability; but one use, in particular, is to selectively direct users that want access to historical data to specific systems where the data resides. 
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Unity Director 14.00 - Routing Rules
Unity Director 14.00 provides user and query routing between multiple Teradata systems. This satisfies two requirements – routing users to a system that has data to satisfy their queries and re-routing users during planned or unplanned system outages. Hence, end users receive the ultimate benefit of continuous, transparent access to data. In addition, Unity Director provides high availability, disaster recovery, and data synchronization for multiple Teradata systems. For more information on Unity Director 14.00 please follow the links provided at the end of this article. In this article, I will provide details of various routing rules that can be created using Unity Director 14.00. One can choose from various routing rule modes Auto, Preferred and Balanced. I will be explaining how reads and writes can be configured in these modes.
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MicroStrategy reporting using Teradata Unity Director 14.00
Unity Director handles data for mission critical applications that demand continuous high availability (HA), data location identification, session management, and data synchronization. It simplifies multiple Teradata Database system management tasks including routing users to the data location, rerouting users during an outage, and synchronizing database changes across Teradata Database systems. Unity Director integrates with Unity Ecosystem Manager to enable administrators to view system and table health, receive warning and critical alerts, and view analytics and statistics about data operations. As a bulk load option, Unity Director can utilize Unity Loader to selectively route large data loads from a client to Teradata systems without additional administrator operations. In this article, I will be showing you how to establish Unity Director 14.00 routing rules which will enable you to efficiently load balance reports across multiple managed Teradata systems.
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Unity Director 14.00 & Unity Loader 14.00 now available
Unity Director 14.00 and Unity Loader 14.00 are now available!  Last year Teradata announced a new query management and data synchronization product to the marketplace.  Now we've taken it to the next level.  Unity Director 14.00 provides a new user interface, new and improved routing rules and scalable configuration options.  Unity Loader 14.00 is a new offering extending beyond the basic synchronization of SQL updates and now enabling the intelligent synchronization of high volume/bulk loads. 
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