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Hi all,
I'm writing here because I didn't find any previous entry that solve my strange problem.

1) I define a table that has a column with COMPRESS clause

Hi everyone,
I'm tryng to build a set of queries with the objective of getting the DDL of tables only from the info inside the dbc tables (columns, tvm, dbase, tableconstraints...).
I started from the table dbc.columns to get all the info about every field of a table.
Below you can find the work in progress query.


Hi All

I would like to find out the dependency between Stored procedures and the associated tables using data dictionary tables. I have tried my best to find out but went in vain.

Please suggest me a way to find out using teradata only.



How to get "View vs Table dependency" from dictionary tables by simple querying them? Query needs to list the table names  used by a View. It is possible in Oracle using dba_dependencies and similar table to get the list of tables used by a view. Please advice.