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Some of you may have noticed that the Masters Forum link is intermittently disappearing from the main Teradata Forums page. We're aware of this issue, and are working on a resolution.
Meanwhile (assuming you're logged in) you should still be able to access the forum directly via this URL:

We are currently working on deploying an anti-spammer solution. Unfortunately we have to temporarily disable the forum email notification function until we get the solution deployed. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Data Mover is a Teradata Application that allows users to copy databases or tables between Teradata systems. It is a J2EE-based application that is composed of three major code components: the Client (Command-line interface or Viewpoint portlet), the Daemon, and the Agent.

You know how we at DevX World HQ like to keep up with the times... Well, you can now "like" or "plus-one" articles, blogs and forum posts on DevX. This replaces our old "thumbs-up" mechanism. To show the love, just click the appropriate icon in the toolbar at the top of the content page. 

You can now subscribe to receive email notifications when new topics are posted in a forum. To do so, go to the forum of interest, and click on the email icon (circled below). You will then receive an email whenever there's a new post in that forum.

To unsubscribe, simply click on the email icon again.

Summer is here (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), and I hope the living is easy. Time for a recap of last quarter's activity.

It's been a busy start to 2011 on Teradata Developer Exchange. Let's get going on the recap.

The biggest development is the new-and-improved Teradata Downloads. The legacy Teradata Download Center has been shuttered, and all content moved to downloads.teradata.com. This should result in a more useable, comprehensive, timely, reliable and performant download experience. Since we're on the topic of downloads... the newly available Block Level Compression Evaluation Utility can be run against TD 13.10 to select the list of BLC candidate tables and evaluate BLC space and performance impact. Jenny Wang has also written an accompanying article on the BLC Utility. There have been new releases of Teradata Geospatial, JDBC Driver, JMS Universal Connector, SQL Assistant, and Teradata Multi-System Manager. Finally, there's a new procedure for acquiring  TAM for TRS using Oracle GoldenGate.

Happy new year to all DevX users, and I hope it's gotten off to a productive start. Time to recap the final months of 2010 on Developer Exchange.

With the autumn closing in, it's about time for another recap of activity here on Developer Exchange.

We've been flying along recently on Developer Exchange. Where to begin?

Let's start with new software. SQL Edition Java Edition 13.01 was released in mid-May, with new features such as FastExport and FastLoad of table data, advanced authentication, and updates for Eclipse 3.5.2. Read the release announcement for more. The Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse 13.02 was released simultaneously. We also saw updates to Viewpoint PDK 13.02Teradata .NET Data Provider, Elastic Marts Builder 1.0, and Teradata Geospatial Release 1.5.

You can now see the forum history for yourself or any other user. To do so, click on the user's profile link (or your own My Account link), and then click on "Forum posts" in the "Account Stats" sidebar.

As the volume of traffic on Teradata Forums increases, we're seeing more instances of topics being posted into the wrong forum. To combat this, forum moderators now have the ability to move topics into a more appropriate forum. If a topic you created (or commented upon) is moved, you will be sent an email with the new URL. But prevention is better than cure, so we ask that users please consider which forum is most appropriate *before* posting a new topic. Some of the forums are self-explanatory (Jobs, Training etc), but there seems to be confusion with some of the following:


Thanks to all those who provided feedback on the forums consolidation last week. We only found a few minor issues, which have since been addressed. Two more significant changes were pushed out this past weekend:

It's been a busy start to the year for Developer Exchange and its related sites. The biggest change has been the long-awaited integration of the legacy Teradata Discussion Forums with the DevX Forums at the new Teradata Forums site. We've migrated across all content and user accounts, so if you've previously posted in the Teradata Discussion forums, all your history is available on the new site. Also, we've rearranged and merged some of the forums so that the purpose of each forum is clearer. For more details on the changes, see Teradata Forums migration imminent, or discuss the changes here. Another significant improvement is that we've enabled HTTPS support for the sensitive areas of the site, such as login, registration, and profile update.

Since the launch of Developer Exchange several months ago, we have been operating with two sets of forums: the legacy Teradata Forums at www.teradata.com/teradataforum (which we'll refer to as the Legacy Forums), and the new DevX-hosted forums at forums.tera

We're happy to announce that we have now enabled HTTPS support for the more sensitive parts of the site. Specifically, you'll be switched to HTTPS when you register, sign-in, get a password reminder, or update your profile.

Welcome back to all our users, let's see what's been happening on DevX at the end of 2009, our inaugural year.

Firstly, some site changes. DevX downloads and forums have been moved to new domains of their own: downloads.teradata.com and forums.teradata.com. This is in preparation for retiring our legacy download and forum sites. Nothing to worry about from a DevX user perspective, the transition is entirely seamless, your DevX identity remains the same across the sites, etc.

October has been the busiest month yet on Developer Exchange, with an array of new content around Cloud Computing, simultaneous with announcements at our Partners 2009 conference. Where to start?

It was back to school here at the Developer Exchange world domination headquarters, and it was indeed a busy month of September.

We've tweaked the RSS feed mechanism so that it's easier to follow what's going on via your RSS reader. This is probably most useful if you're subscribed to the DevX forums feeds, where there's a lot of activity, and you're particularly interested in viewing that activity through the lens of threading.

It may be summertime and the living easy, and it's true that several regular contributors were spotted sporting conspicuous tans, but August was still a productive month on DevX.

We introduced our first video screencast, an overview of the Filtered Queries portlet in Viewpoint 13.0.1. We intend this to be the first in a ongoing series of screencasts. What prompted this particular screencast is the desire to showcase the power, beauty, and general awesomeness of the latest release of Viewpoint. Michelle Corona gives more detail in the Top 10 New Features of Viewpoint 13.0.1, including spiffy new portlets like Viewpoint Monitoring, SQL Scratchpad, Space Usage and Lock Viewer. Viewpoint's new portlets keep Teradata so far in front of the competition in web-based database management that it's almost cruel.

We launched the Developer Exchange forums earlier this month, and after much pestering from the community, we've now added RSS feeds for the forums. There are feeds for each forum, as well as a combined feed for all forums. Subscribe to the RSS feeds by clicking on the RSS icons for each forum. Coming soon: more email notifications for the forums.

As promised a while back, the Developer Exchange is now hosting Teradata's technical discussion forums. We will eventually be shutting down all the technical forums at the legacy site, so please start posting your topics into the new forums. Note that some of the non-technical forums will continue to be hosted at the previous location. For posting guidelines, a general introduction to the new forums, or to give feedback, please see this forum topic.

Please see this topic in the General forum for an introduction to the new discussion forums, and a chance to give feedback.

Teradata Developer Exchange is now hosting all the Teradata-related technical discussion forums. These forums are replacing the previous legacy Teradata discussion forums, but if you cannot find an answer to a topic here, please search the previous forums before posting.

Who can post here? Any registered user. But we have a few guidelines for you.

- Search the forums (using the sidebar at right) before posting a question.
- But don't be afraid to ask questions. We're friendly around here!

Please see this topic in the General forum for an introduction to the new discussion forums, and a chance to give feedback.

Please see this topic in the General forum for an introduction to the new discussion forums, and a chance to give feedback.

Please see this topic in the General forum for an introduction to the new discussion forums, and a chance to give feedback.

Please see this topic in the General forum for an introduction to the new discussion forums, and a chance to give feedback.

THIS THREAD IS CLOSED TO NEW COMMENTS. Please post questions in a new topic.

 Continuing to make life easier for our contributors and commenters... In addition to RSS feeds, you can now elect to receive email notifications when:

Last week in response, to pestering from our users, we rolled out RSS feeds (see my previous blog post). We're glad to see they're being taken advantage of. However, some users have noted that it was a bit tricky finding the user-specific RSS feeds (no to mention inconsistent UI-wise), especially to find your own RSS feeds.

We're continuing to roll out features on DevX as quickly as possible, so please keep the suggestions coming. We've just made available a fairly comprehensive set of RSS feeds, including site-wide feeds and per-user feeds. To subscribe to a particular RSS feed, keep an eye out for the RSS feed icon Syndicate content - clicking on the icon should result in the browser launching your RSS reader (or you can copy the feed URL and add the feed directly in the RSS reader).

HTML boasts a wide range of features to present data to end users. Add in the various frameworks that “sit on top” of HTML and the web represents a rich and powerful environment through which information may be delivered to end users.

While the web is a powerful environment, there are times when a windows based application might be better suited to the task at hand. This article presents a Java class library that makes this a lot easier.

Welcome to the future site for the Teradata Developer Exchange. Coming Real Soon Now ™ we will be launching a brand new site dedicated to all things related to development on and around the Teradata database platform.