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Using Rank Numbers are getting Skipped in Teradata 13.10
Select Region,Store,Sales, Rank()over(partition by Region Order by sales desc) as SalesRank from SalesTable Qualify SalesRank>=4 Input Region Store Sales SalesRank 2 821 82224 1 2 615 5323 2 2 143 5323 2 2 242 4123 4 Desired Output Region Store Sales SalesRank 2 821 82224 1 2 615 5323 2 2 143 5323 2 2 242 4123 3
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Order By Result Difference in TD and DB2 Using Dense_Rank() Function with it
Hi All,   Order by Behavior is different in DB2 and Teradata    I already tried adding Case specific which doesn’t work for my project related data .   Here is the main query modified (table-name etc for security reasons and its output Demo Data but similar to main one )
sql teradata ORDER BY dense_rank db2
How to Rank inside a rolling partition window???
I'm looking to rank the number of a specific call based on the volume of calls that precede it within a 30 day window prior to the current call.  The challenge ... I am ranking calls over a long period of time so the 30 day predeing window is not fixed.  Essentially it is a running total count on a 30 day rolling window.
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How do I get Dense Ranking instead of Modified competition ranking?
For every Sale_Month, I would like to get the top 3 Item_Types for each Employee_Name dense ranked based on the on the Num_Sales. Currently I am getting "Modified competition ranking" instead of Dense Ranking" Dense ranking ("1223" ranking) Modified competition ranking ("1334" ranking)   How can I change my SQL to get "Dense Ranking" instead of "Modified competition ranking"? SELECT * From (
rank dense_rank dense rank
Missing Functions: DENSE_RANK
Some of the SQL:2008 analytical functions are not implemented in Teradata, but most of them can be re-written using existing features. In this post I will cover the ranking algorithms including DENSE_RANK.