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Hi All,
Is there any way to pass ASCII value of character in TextDelimiter for TPT Export Operator? I want to export  a "TAB" delimited file. But when I'm giving tab a separator, it's taking space as delimiter. So if we can give ASCII character instead of actual character, it might produce the export file with tab as delimiter.

I have a CSV file that I'm attempting to load via TPT.  I have created the CSV file in Excel.  When I try to load the file with the appropriate number of delimiters, I am getting a BUFFERMAXSIZE error.  When I add another delimiter to the end of each record, the file loads just fine.

Hello.  I need to export large numbers of tables to CSV files for customer deliverables.  I am working under Teradata 13.10.  For VARCHAR fields, I need to include a Character String delimiter (double-quote) in the CSV.   I have created a tbuild/TPT export script as described in Example 10 of the TPT User Guide, but cant find a way to get the string delim