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Create a table with a date column that has a default lenght (8)
Hi All! We can not create a table adding a column DATE that has lenght(8) using FORMAT (YYYYMMDD) and default value '00010101'. Nir 20010101 nor 20000101 default values are not working. currently We are running the DDL USING: FEC_INFORMACION        DATE           FORMAT 'YYYYMMDD' NOT NULL DEFAULT DATE '0001-01-01'
date format default value create table YYYYMMDD
Default VAlue for a Date Column
Hi all, the next sentence raises an error:   CREATE  TABLE "DWH"."EXAMPLE"  ( "Id" BIGINT NOT NULL, "StartDate" DATE FORMAT 'DD-MM-YYYY', "EndDate" DATE FORMAT 'DD-MM-YYYY' DEFAULT '31-12-9999', PRIMARY KEY ("Id") );  
default value date column
Default Value for a Data Column
Hi all, I am new working with Teradata and creating a new table I am having some issues that I cannot solve. Hope you help me. I am creating a table:    CREATE  TABLE Example  ( "Id" BIGINT NOT NULL, "ItemGroupAssignStartDate" DATE FORMAT 'DD-MM-YYYY',
default value date column