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The Teradata Debugger for C/C++ UDF (CUDB) Eclipse Plug-in provides a Graphical User Interface for CUDB on the Eclipse IDE.

This is regarding, how do I find values passed in the stored procedure call from qrylog table.
From dbc.qrylog, I could see all the procedure names made through TD. However, I could not see values passed to the procedure. In the QueryText field from qrylog, I see the values as a question mark instead of values.

Hi Everyone,
I am interested in debugging SP of my DB instance. Is there any debugger option availble in Teradata Studio 14.2.0 ?
If the debugger option is not availble TD Studio, is there any other way I can follow for tracing the procedure.

Well not exactly printf(), but still pretty darn cool. I consider myself a decent JavaScript programmer with a fair amount of debugger knowledge. However, I stumbled across an interesting bit of new (to me) information last night. Maybe everybody else is already hip to this.