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Hi, I am Altering the table for addition of new columns. And tables is having more than 1 billion records. Please let us know is it standard to alter the table with more than one billion records or not. Also guide us in best practise to alter the table with data.  
alter ddl modify alter table
Submit multiple SQL lines to Teradata through R
Hello Everyone, 
teradata r sql multiple lines ddl et bt
PK used as USI and not UPI
What are the reason(s) why a PK will be implemented as USI instead of UPI? This question was formulated based on the following statement:"Primary keys are implemented as unique secondary indexes for non-temporal tables..."
database design primary key PK Unique Secondary Index USI unique primary index upi physical data model pdm Data Definition Language ddl
Generate a database ddl in Teradata v14
I need to reverse engineer several Teradata 14 databases into ERwin 9.5.
ddl teradata 14 ERwin 9.5 reverse engineer generate ddl
TPT DDL Merge Into. How to report rows inserted / updated
Hello. We are using Merge into in a TPT DDL to load data to the destintation tables. Our problem is how to report the number of rows inserted/updated by the merge into sentence, because we cant use (or if its possible, we dont know how) notify in DDL Operator. Please if you have done this before, can you share an example?  
tpt ddl merge notify
9334 Invalid constraint definition
This error was received after executing the following DDL statement for bitemporal table:  
temporal bitemporal Constraint Constraints ddl ddl statement
about: GRANT
Hello, I can not execute consecutive GRANT statement. I have to execute a single GRANT a time. For example: GRANT EXECUTE, SELECT, STATISTICS, SHOW ON "DBC" TO "DBADMIN" WITH GRANT OPTION;
grant ddl DCL
Converting Mainframe Copybook's to TD DDL
Is there tool/utilities to convert mainframe copybooks to Teradata DDL's?  Even just getting the field names and their equivalent Java data typw will do. Thanks.
copybook ddl datatype
How to modify DDL when UPI is on IDENTITY COLUMN & RI imposed
Hi Forum,   I have a table created as SET table using IDENTITY column as UPI and it has data in it. Now, the user wants us to change it to MULTISET, but, as the PI is on Identity column how can I do this?
database ddl Identity column ri
Get DDL from DBC tables
Hi everyone, I'm tryng to build a set of queries with the objective of getting the DDL of tables only from the info inside the dbc tables (columns, tvm, dbase, tableconstraints...). I started from the table dbc.columns to get all the info about every field of a table. Below you can find the work in progress query.
ddl dictionary dbc format columns