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one of the viewpoint databases, 'dcsdb' holds all the data of the DCS in it, but mine in particular has a problem: the data retention is set to 6 months, but the database contains 400+ GB of data that's over three years old (probably older installations never purged)
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Can we access/query Viewpoint cache database?
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Teradata Viewpoint - Is one enough?
A common discussion around Teradata Viewpoint is whether one Viewpoint appliance is enough. Consider a significant advantage of Teradata Viewpoint is its ability to manage multiple Teradata systems even if those systems are running different Teradata Database versions, on different Teradata platforms, and even with different underlying Operating Systems. That being the case, wouldn't one Viewpoint appliance be sufficient? Maybe not ... so let's discuss the factors that may drive consideration of having more than one Teradata Viewpoint appliance at your site. 
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Raising Intelligence - Viewpoint DCS Usage
After a spectacular Teradata Partners Conference, I'm back to do another cool Viewpoint features blog. I want to start out on this one with a little background on how this feature came about. In our first two Viewpoint releases, we focused on Teradata Management and Teradata Self Service aspects.
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