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I have been trolling this site, as well as google, and stack overflow with no luck.
Does anywhere have a clue (or a link) to where I can find the metadata for the objects:

  • pdcrinfo.dbqlobjtbl
  • pdcrinfo.dbqlogtbl

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

In Viewpoint Query-Monitor, for a particular session we can check the cpu skew and also the highest and average cpu.
If I want to check this from database, then which table and column shall I refer, is it DBQLogTbl or AMPUsageV view or anything else?

I am doing a testing of DBQL log tables. I enabled DBQL logging for a user 'ABC' and noted the current timestamp in teradata as below
select current_timestamp(2)(title '');
8/21/2013 18:14:22.04


In reference to the values in the column (dbc.DBQLogTbl.ErrorCode), is the value (3158) actually an error? Based on my understanding of what the manual says (below), it is not actually an error as such.

I need to know if queries having such entries finished and produced results or not.


3158 TWM Event