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I have been trolling this site, as well as google, and stack overflow with no luck.
Does anywhere have a clue (or a link) to where I can find the metadata for the objects:

  • pdcrinfo.dbqlobjtbl
  • pdcrinfo.dbqlogtbl

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

I want to find the queryid associated when performing an INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE on a table,say TableA in the databasebase , using DBQLObjTbl.
What will be conditions that need to applied on DBQLObjTbl to get all such instances ?What will be value of TypeOfuse column?

I am working on desiging a summary table and need to determine the grouping columns.  I was looking at DBQLObjTbl TypeofUse, but it doesn't show a group by use.  Is there another way to determine the group by columns without having to parse through the sql?

Hi ,
The field typeofuse of the table dbc.dbqlobjtbl according to the manual (TD14) has the following values:

1 = Found in the resolver

• 2 = Accessed during query processing

• 4 = Found in a conditional context

• 8 = Found in inner join condition

• 16 = Found in outer join condition


I guess we can find out the relevance/ frequency of usage of an AJI from the table DBQLObjTbl. Can someone please let me know how?


The purpose is to find out the unused or less used AJIs in the system and thereby dropping them or finding a way to use.


Appreciate any help in this matter.