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we are trying to find out the list of all tables being accessed by each user during DDL DML statements. we have access to PDCR.

Totally a noob when it comes to Teradata. But I need to know how to perform three tasks.
I just setup the Teradata Express VM for vmware. I am trying to create a NEW user who can do the following:
* select * from dbc.users
* modify any user's password up to and including DBC
* select * from dbcinfo

How can I check if user is locked using query?
I tried that query:

WHERE lockedCount>1;

Is this ok? I do not have access to other users so I cannot check if the query is okay. 

Hello all,
I have below 2 questions with regards to TD DBAs :

I have tried to grant select on dbc.users table for one user.
For some reason default command does not give the right result.
grant select on dbc.users for uset_name
When user selects top 10 * from dbc.users, SQL returns only his login :/
Any sugestion might be handy.