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Order by Behavior is different in DB2 and Teradata 


I already tried adding Case specific which doesn’t work for my project related data .


Here is the main query modified (table-name etc for security reasons and its output Demo Data but similar to main one )



Like oracle is there a feature in teradata where we can access tables across other databases/servers within the same connection? Specifically, I am trying to see if we can access DB2 tables directly from teradata. 



I use SQL Assistant to connect to DB2 databases on the z/OS platform (in addition to using it for Teradata, SQL Server, and Oracle). In some of our DB2 databases, user access to tables is provided via alias instead of views. Trouble is, SQL Assistant does not show aliases when expanding a DB2 database.

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We are doing analysis on Migrating The Data warehouse from DB2 to Teradata 13.
In order to do we are evaluating the different set of Tasks.

On z/OS, the ODBC operator can be used to extract data from DB2.  The purpose of this article is to demystify the use of the ODBC operator in conjunction with DB2 on IBM’s z/OS operating system.  

Teradata UDFs for popular IBM DB2 functions.