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Hi Team,
Can any one help me to convert the time zone in Teradata
i have a data in MYT time zone (Malaysia Time) where i need to run the query in CST Zone (Central Time (CT))
My servere is in CST and i need to pick the  data by MST 3:00am every day.
Can any one helpmw with the Query for converting betwwen this zone.

I'm facing a pretty strange issue here, wanted to see if anybody had any insight on this. 
I'm creating a TD table with a TIME(0) field in it. Strangely, once the CREATE TABLE is complete, the table is created with a INTEGER field instead.
Table Create SQL:

Hello ,
I need help on sql where i can convert Date and Time (including day light savings) to GMT .
In my table, I have different City’s like Dallas ,Los Angles, New York , Tokyo etc. for this city’s the time is recorded based on their respective local timings. so I need to convert to them to GMT.
Format of my fields..