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Last 6 Month in Query - Failing on August 30
...WHERE DB.LOG_DATE > DATE - INTERVAL '6' MONTH;   This has been working for weeks, until today. I wasn't sure what broke my script until I tried dropping the date requirement and then it started working perfectly. 6 month ago is February 30, I am guessing, by TD logic, which doesn't exist. Any general solutions?  
teradata date interval select statement
Integer to date conversion
Hi, I have date in dbc.oldpasswords which is 735960 and 736051. I want to convert it to a date field so that i can read it. The format of this column is - integer format '_,__,__,_9'. I have tried to convert it the way we convert an integer date field to a date fied, but i get error that invalid date provided. --Samir
Create Expiration Date based on next Date Value
I am looking to build and Effective Date and Expiration Date utilzing a customers next purchase date in the table without a do loop if possible as I do not have access to buid stored procedures. Below is an example of current data: ID          InvoiceDate ABC123  4/16/2015 ABC123  5/20/2015 ABC123  6/30/2015  
date recursive loop
TDLOAD Utility - Input DATE and TIME STAMP format issue
Hi, We are using TDLOAD mechanism to load Staging Layer from File. I belive the default DATE and Timestamp format in the input file which has been configured in DBS Utility would be accepted only. e.g. YYYY-MM-DD.
tdload date time stamp
cast varchar value YYYY-MMM-DD HH:MI:SS to date
I have a VARCHAR column (CALL_START_DATE_TIME) and it's values are as shown below.   2014-OCT-31 15:52:35 2014-JUN-25 13:53:30 2013-DEC-26 19:56:40 2014-AUG-08 22:43:51 2015-APR-22 03:57:04   I need to apply date wise filter on this column as below:  
cast Convert free text date date
Changing time format and adding to date
Hello, I have time in format HH:MM and date in format mm/dd/yyyy. I want COL1 with time formated as HH:MM:SS and COL2 a combination of COL1 and date in format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS. Also, then I need to subtract COL3 (format mm/dd/yyy hh:mm:ss) from COL2. How can I do this?  
timestamp date format change
Pivot based on date
Good day all, I have data that consists of 3 months of charges for each line item. Bill_No                Bill_Month                     Charge 00121       4/10/2015 12:00:00 AM           1300.00 00121       5/10/2015 12:00:00 AM           1300.00 00121      6/10/2015 12:00:00 AM            1400.00  
sql pivot data date
Date Quotes
Hello,  I am a new developer in Teradata world and I'm having to take the quotes from a variable to a software returns me.   I have that: a12.Calendar_Dt in (DATE '11/26/2013')   I can manipulate the start and the end of the variable but not the center.
date quotes
Need help in insert date statement
Hi, Here is my insert statement. CREATE VOLATILE TABLE A (ClickLoad_Dt DATE FORMAT 'yyyy/mm/dd'); INSERT INTO A(ClickLoad_Dt) SELECT MAX(CAST (click_dt AS DATE FORMAT 'yyyy/mm/dd') ) FROM B; SELECT * FROM A I get and empty table even though the answer to below query is 5/25/2015
date sql
bteq .OS calls to UNIX "date" command
I have bteq .RUN command sandwiched by .OS calls which log the start and end date times of the .RUN. The dates are gotten by calls to UNIX 'date' command. The START date is fine, however, my COMPLETED date is always equal to my START date. I don't see how that's possible because the 'date' command is invoked fresh on the COMPLETED line.
bteq .OS date