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Is there tool/utilities to convert mainframe copybooks to Teradata DDL's? 
Even just getting the field names and their equivalent Java data typw will do. Thanks.

Hi All ,
Can anyone help me with Equivalent in Teradata for Unique Identifier in SQL Server ? Though i can accomodate the values with VARCHAR datatype but when i need unique values to be generated . What will i do in that case ?
Thanks in advance !!!

Hi All,
I would like to know, in Teradata, does it allow single quotes for numeric datatype (int or decimal)?
I have tried TD using quotes. It works. but one of my friend is facing issue when using single quotes.
create table lavendar.alpha(eno integer,salary decimal(12,2));

I have to do the following transformation



The datatype of column is float..

Round() function is available in oracle.

--How to implement this requirement in Teradata.Should I use CAST()?

I have another query:

Suppose the column contains values like 20.123456

Can we write a SQl to determine the max value of a datatype ?

For ex: if we have a column emp_id as INTEGER, the SQL would have emp_id as input and the result would be the max value for integer datatype...

Excuse me if I sound stupid !!

I am about to migrate data from SQL Server 2008 to Teradata 13.10.

Does anyone have a:

1) a list of datatype comparisons

2) a list of migration tips and traps


Hello, does anyone know of an equivalent for the MSSQL data type DATETIME? I cannot seem to find anything in Teradata documentation that indicates such. Using TIMESTAMP is not an option as it is a HEX type.


Are there any recommendations, from Teradata or otherwise, as to what data types to avoid or limit due to database overhead or performance considerations, etc?