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I am trying to understand how Datastage interacts with Teradata in Immedaite mode. During my testing, I created a Datastage job with TD connector as  source and destination to just select from one table and load into another table. 

We are upgrading from Teradata 12 to Teradata 14, and DataStage 7.5.2 to DataStage 9.1
Existing Teradata DataStage stages will not be converted.  The following parameters are used to read and write from Teradata.

Parameters to read From Teradata 14

After upgrading to V2R13.04.01 Datastage receives waitOnState(2) timed out ERROR.  The Enterprise stage will run with 2 sessions but fail if the developer tries to run with anymore sessions, such as 16.  They have increased the synctimout setting in the Teradata Stage in Datastage as recommended, up to 200 but still receive the error.  This just started h

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I  want to load special characters to teradata table. Can anyone tell me reqiured settings for that!!!


eg: say my source contains following data.






 I am trying tofind if any one used session-specific volatile or temp tables from Data stage - (TD connector stage) on Teradata ?

I was told by my ETL folks  given the parallel nature of DataStage in that it opens many independent Teradata sessions and hence we cannot use volatile tables ! Did nay one used this ?

Hi all,

anybody Using Datastage 8.1 version  with Teradata database 13.10  ? please let me know.

Thank you


Does Teradata 13.10  support Datastage 8.1 version? currently we are using TD12 and datastage 8.1. 

we are planning  upgrede to TD13.10 and want to know Datastage 8.1 and TD 13.10  are certified versions or not. thanks is advance..


   Datastage8.1 install SUSE 10 64-bit

   Teradata install vm on SUSE 10 64-bit

In the DS server i install the TD ODBC driver. also used the ./adhoc can connect to the TD  and can execute the SQL command. but i don't know two the configuration the ODBC and the env on the DS server?


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