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hello, i've been searching for the download for datamover version 15.00 (latest version) for Linux and cannot find it. where can i download it from?
thank you!

I have to copy a set of tables form production to test environments. On production the tables are with FALLBACK. But when it is copied to test i want it to be copied with NO FALLBACK. Is there any element i can add to the DataMover XML which can control the functionallity to create the tables on test with or without fallback?

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I am new to TERADATA DATAMOVER. I am looking for any supported material regarding it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Teradata Data Mover (version 13.10) introduced job level security management which allows users to specify access rights at job level. Through the Teradata Data Mover Portlet, a Viewpoint user with access to Data Mover Portlet can grant/revoke access rights of individual Data Mover job to other Viewpoint users with access to Data Mover portlet. 

Teradata Data Mover (version 13.10) introduced a graphical user interface component (Portlets) that allows users a more intuitive way to copy database objects from one Teradata database system to another. The Portlet component compliments and enhances the existing ‘command line’ component. It is deployed on Teradata Viewpoint Web portal & gives users an opportunity to manage Data Mover jobs from the convenience of a Web browser. 

Data Mover is a Teradata Application that allows users to copy databases or tables between Teradata systems. It is a J2EE-based application that is composed of three major code components: the Client (Command-line interface or Viewpoint portlet), the Daemon, and the Agent.

Teradata Data Mover makes moving tables and other objects between Teradata systems easier than ever. However, the initial release, 13.01, does require manual tuning and configuration in order to get the best performance results. Here are some tips and recommendations to improving Data Mover performance.