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Hi all,
I am encountering an unexpected situation when using multiple DataConnector operators UNION ALLed together, and would appreciate your input/suggestions.

Hello everyone,


I've been trying to implent a TPT using the feature RowErrFileName but it does't seems to work, when I load a Input File with some errors like incomplete columns it doesn't send the bad rows to the 'RowErrFileName' instead of this the TPT goes to FatalError and crashes.

Any Help?

This is how I am writing the TPT DataConnector Operator

DESCRIPTION 'DataConnector'
SCHEMA PnrItineraries_SCHEMA
VARCHAR PrivateLogName = 'dataconector_log' ,

The TPT DataConnector Operator is the mechanism by which TPT obtains data from or sends data to external native operating system flat (sequential) files or attached access modules.

This article will address the data formats usable with the TPT DataConnector Operator. For each format, we will first deal with the concept of a record, which roughly maps to a DBS table row. Secondly, we will address how these data are resolved to row columns using the TPT data schema. When these two requirements are validated, we will have converted the external data record to a Teradata DBS row. If not, we have a fatal data error*.