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Dear All,
Please refer this
ACCOUNT_NUM = 680213
Both ACCOUNT_NUM and BRANCH_PARTY_ID are part of EVENT table.
Account No 680213 is part of branch 12311
I run following query on single account [mentioned above i.e. 680213] and it gives me 209 records of Account # 680213. Here is the query

Dear All,
I am getting the subject error while running following code theough ODBC.

Hi All, I have the given query as below. There are nested query A,B,C using same tables for joins just the entities joined are different each time. The problem is query is not optimized and does not run in database for more records. For few records gives correct result. Can somebody help me here.

I am working on Terradata SQL query, and in that query I am performing a join. Unfortunately, terradata is not accepting the table name as it is because there is a . or period in table name.
Query :

I want to add a selection criteria to my SQL.  The user will select a 'from' and 'to' date, e.g., 11/1/2015 and 12/31/2015.  The date column (jsdate) in the table is Decimal (8,0).  When I look at the dates in this column it looks like 20,150,612, 20,150,609, 20,150,611, etc.  I'm trying to add a selection critieria like "and cast(jsdate as date format 'm

I'm trying to insert into a table using below sql getting 'division by zero ' error.
Could any of you help me how to fix it.
INSERT INTO r_intraday_netrev 

Hello All,
I have a requirement to match numeric data of a column for a match with data in column with multiple numeric value seperated by hypen.
Sys_calendar.day_of_week (Numeric field with values range from 1-7 denoting Sunday - Saturday)

Hi, I have two tables TableA ( INV_NBR varchar (15) ) and TableB ( INV_NBR varchar (15) ). In both the tables, TableA and TableB  the INV_NBR has values '14-2/324', when I join the two tables based on INV_NBR it shows "0" records.
Used below query: Select * from TableA  A inner join TableB B  ON A.INV_NBR =B.INV_NBR
---Result 0 records.

,case when EXTRACT (month FROM CURRENT_DATE)  > 8 then