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Teradata Studio Express - OLD Versions
Hi all, Where I can find the Old version of TD Studio Express. I mean the version 15.00 or 15.10 , because I have problems with Data Lab view, so I need to try the old version. Anyone could help me ? Thank you
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#database #teradata express #support utilities
Using TD express VM
I want to setup a sandbox environment in my office for folks to learn Teradata. Can I use TD Express VM for this? If not, what other options do i have? Thanks.
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is Support utilities with Teradata express or were to download it
Hi I have downloaded and installed a windows version of Teradata database version 13.10, but found that support utilities are not included within the installtion/   Kindly do inform whether we need to download the tools seperately and install it, if yes kindly do provide the link. Thanks in advance.  
#database #teradata express #support utilities