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i've installed Teradata express12 and VC++ 2008. But the database setup throws the following error:
Internal Error: Can not find mt.exe.    Code= 5547   Info=0   Function= 5
I've tried adding mt.exe to VC++ through some windows forum. But that also is not successful and still I am getting the same error.

We have installed Teradata on Windows machine. Now on running Database Setup and providing the following information (in the WIndows GUI):
Database Name : db1
Super User: DBC
Super User Password: dbc
Console Password: dbc
Set up DB for Teradata Manager: Yes
Perm Space: 100 MB
Spool Space: Same as Parent

Create a Teradata Manager User: Yes
User Account String: $H-DBC-MANAGER
User Password: dbcmngr
Perm Space: 100MB
Spool Space: Same as Parent
Give user privilages to run: Selected all options in combo
Migrate TDQM Database: Yes