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We are planning to do a Teradata migration, the versions for source and target Tearadata is close (source Teradata version, though not sure about Target version yet). The migration is happening because of company intake by other company.

I'm new here so I will keep it short, just a quick question on compatibility. My company currently uses Tibero but we are looking into using a much larger DBMS as our company grows. My question is simply, will me Tibero database be able to migrate to Teradata? I know it works with Oracle so I would assume yes.

When trying to migrate my data from MS SQL to mySQL, essentially converting one database to another I get the following error:

I am about to migrate data from SQL Server 2008 to Teradata 13.10.

Does anyone have a:

1) a list of datatype comparisons

2) a list of migration tips and traps


Hi ,

Its always a case that when we try to upgrade lower to higher versions in TD there is a problem with reserve words. It might be the case that in lower version the specific word might not be a reserve word but higher version it is a reserve word.
Is there a way in Teradata to find resrve words of that version ?