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Teradata Connectivity Issue - Connection reset by peer Error
I have intalled Teradata 13 in Windows 7 32 bit machine. I am getting an error 10054 WSA E ConnReset: Connection reset by peer. I  tried to connect to local host ( and same local host address is available in the host file but still I are not able to connect. I have started all the service related to Teradata.
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TPT Template operators with LDAP authentication
I have coded a simple TPT script using operator templates ($EXPORT, $INSERT and $LOAD) to copy data of Table A from TDSERVER-A to TDSERVER-B. TDSERVER-A and TDSERVER-B use LDAP based authentication. TPT (TBUILD) raises errors when I run the script either by initializing LogonMech, UserName, UserPassword variables for Source/Target operators in JobVars fil
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DBLink in Teradata
  Hi,  Like oracle is there a feature in teradata where we can access tables across other databases/servers within the same connection? Specifically, I am trying to see if we can access DB2 tables directly from teradata.  Thanks,  Naveen   
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Unable to connect to TeraData v13.0 from .NET client
Hi All,
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Basic Teradata Command and Connectivity
Hi all,         I am new to teradata , i worked on Oracle database earlier. I need every one's help to Get some knowledge about teradata database. 1. How to connect Teradata database using client. 2.Basic commands for querying.     Thanks in advance, Siva
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TERADATA SQL ERROR 3945: Invalid data length for VarChar, VarByte, orVARGRAPHIC while using JDBC connection
We are getting this exception when running a query in a web application which coonects to Java API through a web service. The jar being used is terajdbc4.jar and the version of JDBC being used is TeraJDBC I have run the query using bot ANSI mode and Teradata mode both using CLI,ODBC and Terardata.NET;no such error has been seen.
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