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GUID data type stores “16-byte binary values” that operate as globally unique identifiers.
It can be logically grouped into the following subgroups:
The standard textual representation is {12345678-1234-1234-1234-1234567890AB}.

Hi Guys
I am working on migration from Oracle to Teradata. I am facing few issues there. I would be glad if some one please clarify below questions.

I have created a table with column as TIME(0) data type.
When I look at the table DDL, through SHOW TABLE, it shows the column data type as 'Integet Format '99:99:99'.
Time data type are stored as integer internally. But, I need the column to be as TIME(0) in DDL insted of Integer.
Any thoughts ?


I have a table (a bigint, b bigint)? where for any a is true that a>=b.
When queriing:

select sqrt(a-b) from table;

there is error, bad argument in sqrt() (don't remember exactly).

select * from table where a

Maybe your company is thinking of opening a new branch office if there are enough customers who live within the target area. Or maybe you want to let your customers know which of your stores they are closest to. Maybe you want to investigate the routes your delivery trucks take.

More than likely, you need to keep track of the beginning and ending of some kind of an event. Maybe you track how long employees have been with your company, how much time users spend on a particular web site, or the duration of insurance policies.