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I can't find solution, may be somebody can help me.

'ABC123D666656-522815EF!@55#' AS COL1

I need to extract 666656-52281. But other string chartes can be different. Also can vary their number. I need XXXXXX-XXXXX (where X=[0-9]) from any kind of text.
I stoped on this step:

When I am trying to export data from Hadoop Hive to Teradata I am getting Datatype mismatch exception, especially for Date and Decimal format.
Just for testing, I tried to export the same Hive table to TD, that was imported from TD into Hive with same schema. But it didn't work.

Hi All
I am having problems while loading data from Oracle to TD14. In most cases the problem is with data type, like NUMBER(p,s), LONG RAW, NVARCHAR2 including Unicode, Multi byte and different Character Set etc.

I am migrating a table from Oracle to TD 14.0 and using it for further transformations.
After migrating it to TD, I have ran minus on both TD & Oracle table data (which is copied TD by some third party tool).
Select col1 from table 1 minus select col1 from table 2;

Hello everyone,
We are having a problem when using NUMBER data type in the Data Warehouse that is being used by Microstrategy.
When in the warehouse we use NUMBER data type, in Microstrategy Desktop Warehouse Catalog, the columns using this data type show "Unknown" in the Data Type Description.