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Hi All,

I am doing physical Database design in my project. LDM(3rd normal form relation model) is done and I am in the process of selecting primary index for the tables.

Is anyone using, or have any suggestions for, a free/cheap data modelling or database design tool?  We are about to start planning and building a new data warehouse.  It is fairly small, and we can't justify paying for Erwin licences, so I wondered if anyone was using anything else.

Hi Everyone,
Good that i got this forum on the second day of my learning itself, not so late!! I have been with Oracle DWH, Informatica, Obiee and siebel for around five years and now seeking a change to Teradata EDW Modelling

  1.Please explain the difference between ER model and dimensional model in a simple manner
 2.Is it necessary that tables present in both ER model and Dimensional model should be in third normal form
3.Is Enterprise Datawarehouse(EDW) constructed using ER model?
4.Is Datamart constructed using Dimension model?