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With the introduction of Query Grid in Teradata 15, many people have been asking "what about me? I am on not going to be on TD 15 for some time.".

In this series of articles I provide a tool I call DbLink which provides a similar capability for versions of Teradata prior to 15.0. The DbLink tool consists of a Table UDF and supporting components that may be used to access data from a remote RDBMS via JDBC.

hello guys,
I have 80 to 90 tables and each has one file to get loaded.(file1 for T1, file2  T2 etc respectively)
Can i create one single script(fload,bteq or mload) for loading all these tables.
My input parameters will be filename and the target table-->  run script <file1> <targettable1>

One of the biggest benefits of Parallel Transporter is the ability to scale the load process on a client load server to circumvent performance bottlenecks.  This can sometimes offer huge performance gains as compared to the legacy Teradata Stand-alone load tools such as FastLoad and MultiLoad.

This book provides information about Teradata Parallel Data Pump (TPump), a data loading utility that helps you maintain (update, delete, insert, and atomic upsert) the data in your Teradata Database. TPump uses standard Teradata SQL to achieve moderate to high data-loading rates.