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The iBatis framework is a lightweight data mapping framework and persistence API. It couples objects with stored procedures or SQL statements using a XML descriptor. The iBatis SQL Map wizard allows you to quickly generate an iBatis SQL map for a given SQL statement or stored procedure.

The Teradata project is an extension of a Java project in Eclipse and it can be created by using the Teradata Project Wizard. This new type of project is set up based on Teradata Standards which can be overridden with preferences. The Teradata project will give you access to Teradata libraries.

In the last article, it was shown how to create Java Bean Wrapper classes that can be called from a Spring Data Access Object (DAO) using the Java Bean Wrapper Wizard.

This article will demonstrate how to tie Java Bean Wrapper classes together using the Spring DAO Wizard to create a reusable data access layer for a business service. Also it will be shown how to create an automated unit test for your DAO.