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referencing page 44 of the teradata 13.10 release summary, I noticed a new functionality that is difficult to conceptualise in how it achieves this:

My code will insert system date to a target table with some other columns from source tables. If that code execution takes more than one day, or if the execution time crosses midnight, will I get different dates in target table? Or it will consider the date when the execution started?

Hi all,
I created a table 

create table financial.test

 (empid integer not null, 

 ename char(30), 

hiredate DATE FORMAT 'ddmmyyyy' )

primary index (empid);


and inserted data into it and the data is as fallows


empid ename hiredate

1 101 abc 01-01-2000

I always get the 9388. error from the Teradata Database 13.10's Messages document: