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I am trying to compare test query results with my BO Report data. So I have exported my BO report data into Excel/csv and the same needs to be imported to Teradata temp table; Finally I will excute minus query between my test query and imported BO data.

I am running a BTQ script which is generating a .CSV file.
One of the column in the file is a number but datatype for the same in the parent table is defined as CHAR.
I am using a cast function to convert it into bigint( number is 13 digits long), results are fine when I am running this query in SQL Assiatant.

I have a CSV file that I'm attempting to load via TPT.  I have created the CSV file in Excel.  When I try to load the file with the appropriate number of delimiters, I am getting a BUFFERMAXSIZE error.  When I add another delimiter to the end of each record, the file loads just fine.

I wrote a fastload sript which works fine to load my CSV files. It looks like following:

Hi,  I am having the following problem when trying to create a CSV report  to email out.  The title line of the report is showing up like this "((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((AGT_ENT_US" instead of all the field names.  The records themselves are showing up properly.
.set width 1300

Hello.  I need to export large numbers of tables to CSV files for customer deliverables.  I am working under Teradata 13.10.  For VARCHAR fields, I need to include a Character String delimiter (double-quote) in the CSV.   I have created a tbuild/TPT export script as described in Example 10 of the TPT User Guide, but cant find a way to get the string delim

Hello EMB developers,

The deadline for our project is very close and we still don't have 'EMB' running successfully.
Additionally we need to make the following changes to the EMB code:

- Use ';' as the CSV seperator instead of ','
- Change the name of the database 'DB_Sandbox_Users' to 'DWH_AnalyticalSandbox'
- Change the name of the admin_user ‘DB_Sandbox_Admin’ to ‘ADM_GKV_EMart’.

We have an idea how to make the changes in the EMB code,
but we are getting all kinds of java exceptions while using the 'DataUploadPortlet'.