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TD 14 - Data Storage Questions
--create table CREATE SET TABLE database.table,  NO FALLBACK ,  NO BEFORE JOURNAL,  NO AFTER JOURNAL,  CHECKSUM = DEFAULT,  DEFAULT MERGEBLOCKRATIO  (         some columns...,  unique_number_10_digits CHAR(10) CHARACTER SET LATIN NOT CASESPECIFIC NOT NULL  ) PRIMARY INDEX( unique_number_10_digits ); --inserts
char varchar create table INSERT INTO
When I run the create statement got this error. I know that table name or column name should be less than 30 characters. But the question is why its "more than 30 bytes in LATIN INTERNAL FORM"? What this statement means? This 30 bytes denotes table name or column name or something else?
3737 create table table name column name
Create Table Using SELECT Statement With Default User and Date
I'm trying to create a table, using a SELECT state, but that also has the LOAD_USER and LOAD_DATE with defaults to CURRENT_USER and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.  If I was creating the table, then adding the data, the text for the two fields would be; ADD LOAD_USER2 CHAR(20) CHARACTER SET LATIN CASESPECIFIC DEFAULT USER,
create table Default
create table with JSON datatype
Hi Experts, I am unable to create a table with JSON datatype column. My TD version is CREATE volatile TABLE my_table (eno INTEGER, edata JSON(100)) on commit preserve rows;Error: --------------------------- Teradata SQL Assistant ---------------------------
json_data_types JSON create table
create table as - Failed 3706 Syntax error: expected something between ')' and the ';'.
Hi all, I am trying to create a table for the results of my select query as I need to run some analysis on them. The select ran and I have around 60k rows in the result. When I try to create a table, it provides me with error 3706.   Can you please help?   Thanks, Dieter
3706 create table
Executing a Macro
Hi , Could someone help me with the following. Since I have the create table option within the macro, I need to change the tablename everytime I execute this macro with different parameters. Is there a way around it? without having to change the table name everytime I execute this macro.  
macro create table
creating table with sum-function
Hi everyone,   Im trying to create a table but when try to run it, it says:   EXPLAIN Failed.  [3707] Syntax error, expected something like a 'CHECK' keyword between ',' and the 'SUM' keyword. Is there someone out there who knows what this might mean?
create table errors create table Failed 3707
Stored Procedure
Hi everyone,   I'm pretty green at this field but I have to create a table from a select statement i've made and it has to be done though a stored procedure.   I'm wondering if someone nows any good ToDo-guides I can use. I have no experience so far regarding what the key stones are in
create stored procedure create table guide
Create a table with a date column that has a default lenght (8)
Hi All! We can not create a table adding a column DATE that has lenght(8) using FORMAT (YYYYMMDD) and default value '00010101'. Nir 20010101 nor 20000101 default values are not working. currently We are running the DDL USING: FEC_INFORMACION        DATE           FORMAT 'YYYYMMDD' NOT NULL DEFAULT DATE '0001-01-01'
date format default value create table YYYYMMDD
Teradata Studio Usage Videos
Get a quick start on Teradata Studio and Teradata Studio Express with these usage videos. The overview and connection videos apply to both Teradata Studio and Teradata Studio Express. The others apply to Teradata Studio only: Create Database, Create Table, Move Space, Smart Loader, Copy Objects, and Transfer Data.
teradata studio studio express 15 14.10 create database create table move space smart load smartload connection connection profile hadoop aster v_tools