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Hi Everyone,
We've got a need to create Teradata function (TD 15) which will return date from a table. Date in this table is changed by the other process. This is migration for existing process so it have to work like before.
More detail below:
par VARCHAR(10),
par_date DATE

I'm new to Teradata, and I'm trying to run a script in TD Express 14.10(SLES 11) that creates a UDF, but I'm getting the error message "Failure 3524 The user does not have CREATE FUNCTION access to database DBC".
How do I enable access to this function for the 'dbc' user?
Any helpwould be much appreciated.


Are there any doc's which discuss SQL UDF's?  (Especially the various qualifiers in the CREATE FUNCTION statement).  I am trying to determine why my regular SQL works as expected, but when you put the same code into an SQL UDF, it returns unexpected results.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.