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Get a quick start on Teradata Studio and Teradata Studio Express with these usage videos. The overview and connection videos apply to both Teradata Studio and Teradata Studio Express. The others apply to Teradata Studio only: Create Database, Create Table, Move Space, Smart Loader, Copy Objects, and Transfer Data.


I installed/configured teradata 14 .
I can logon with bteq :
*** Logon successfully completed.
 *** Teradata Database Release is
 *** Teradata Database Version is
 *** Transaction Semantics are BTET.
 *** Session Character Set Name is 'ASCII'.

My question is this:
Suppose we have a system having 1 TB of total space.
I have created a database of 500 GB(MAXPERM) and the current perm is 300 GB.
The total effective free space on the system is 700 GB.
Can I create a database having MAXPERM 600 GB or will the system deny me this?