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1. What is the SQL to  create  a new user that uses  LDAP authentication mechanism?
2. If a user was created without LDAP authentication how can we change them to LDAP authentication?

I am trying to create a table and populate it inside a stored procedure but I get E(3807): table does not exist.
I used the following query:
 create procedure stp_agg (in par1 varchar (20),in par2 int)
    create table tbl_spt
    (select subscriber_id from existing_tbl) with no data;

Hi all,
I'm writing here because I didn't find any previous entry that solve my strange problem.

1) I define a table that has a column with COMPRESS clause

Given the data below, I need to create an observation for 7/5/2014.  I also need to retain the values from the previous record (record of Period_date=7/4/2014) for this exercise.  I am using the table SYS_CALENDAR.CALENDAR and I have tried both a CROSS and FULL JOINs but was unsuccessful with obtaining the output desired.  Additional requirements is to tr