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Below delete is consuming 11K CPU.Need assistance to re-write the below delete sql to consume less CPU.




Is there any way to measure the total AMPCPUTIME consumed by any MLOAD/FLOAD/FEXP job post completion? The values from the dbql(sum of ampcputime for a particular LSN number) does not seem right.
I also tried dbc.acctg. There too, the values seem low.

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3 Q's bunched up on stats ...
<> When should you collect Index stats  and column stats for the component columns , both as against just Index stats. How does index stats help and how does stats on component columns that make up the Ix help 

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I just want to know if it is normal that executor.exe uses 40% above of cpu.


Hi experts,

I understand that the CPU utilized by a query can be determined by adding AMPCPUTime and ParserCPUTime. If I get a value of 100 does this mean that the CPU was processing the query for 100 seconds? Or is the number represented in some other unit?

Have you ever tried to figure out ahead of time how many CPU seconds an application would require after upgrading to a new hardware platform?    I talked about one approach to solving this problem at the recent Partners Conference in San Diego, and would like to share my approach with you.

I am creating a portlet that will be able to graph certain variables such as delta CPU by user name over a day. I know that I can pull all the session data grouped by user name, but I was wondering if there is a method or DAO that you could recommend that would give me a list of user names for a system.

/usr/tdbms/bin/disstart is permanently using more than 60% of the cpu.
Does anybody experienced the same problem and solved it ?