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As far as i know, since TD 13, CI is used for "select count(*) from table x" instead of full table scan. But from the manual, 
CI stores below information , But i do not undertand how TD get the row count from below information ?

Hello !
Is it possible to check any View/Table in Teradata to find Row counts of all tables in a Database?
If not, how to get the same?

Hi all,

I have a doubt on the explain query generated for a simple count(*) query.

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM databasename.tablename 

The Explain Plan generated from a V13 system is as below


Is there any max value limit that can be held by COUNT(*) aggregate function. I remember at one of our client sites that COUNT(*) on a table returned negative number and got to know that because the table had so many rows that the rowcount exceeded the max value that can be held by COUNT.