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Single row to multiple row
Hello everyone   I would like some help to convert a single row into multiple rows I have something like this store | item | quantity 001 | A | 4 001,002 | B | 5 004,006,003 | C | 12   And i would like to do something like this   001 | A | 4 001 | B | 5 002 | B | 5
convert single row multiple rows
varchar join integer
Consider two tables ,one has COLUMN_A defined as a VARCHAR(100) and the other has COLUMN_A defined as an INTEGER. When joining these two tables via COLUMN_A what does the optimizer have to do in order to accomplish the join?Convert VARCHAR to INTEGER  or convert INTEGER to VARCHAR? thanks.
join varchar integer convert
Converting CHAR to DATE
Hello,   I'm very much new to Teradata and writting queries as such. I have a CHAR Type column which contains data as follows '2012-01-20 02:32:37.000000'.   How do I convert this CHAR type data to DATE Type, preferably as a timestamp?   Regards, ASR
date timestamp format access teradata cast convert char as
Integer (with Unix epoch time) convert to timestamp?
This gets the date, how can I get the full timestamp? SELECT (CAST('1970/01/01' AS DATE FORMAT 'yyyy/mm/dd')) + CAST(my_time/86400 AS INTEGER) AS CONVERTED_TIME FROM myDatabase.myTable I have a table with a column that is an integer and has Unix epoch time data.
timestamp format cast epoch convert integer