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Greetings Experts,
Can convert char to hexadecimal using char2hexint function.  When the column used in unicode or latin it becomes as 

Please advise in Teradata how to convert integer value to binary and then back to integer ? If there is any function for that ?
For example: integer value is 50, binary will be 00110010 and again from 00110010 back to 50.
Thanking You
Santanu Ghosh

Hello Experts
I have a requirement to convert oracle date field, that YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS , which is in CET TIME ZONE data.
This data to be  converted  to PST  Timezone in Teradata by considering the Daylight Saving Timings in mind.
Is there any  easier and more effecient way to tackle this issue.

Hi Teradata experts, I'm trying to write a query that selects a varchar column - which contains a valid hexidecimal character string - and converts it to it's byte representation.
So if I have the character string "FF" it will convert it to a byte value FF.

My customer has loaded a TD test table with a date & time column that looks like this:
Column:      XXXXXX   varchar(23) 
7/31/2014 9\:20\:03 AM
8/4/2014 8\:23\:15 AM
12/6/2014 2\:31\:07 PM 
What is the quickest/easiest way to convert the data to TIMESTAMP(6),  if possible at all ?   

I have a numeric value which I want to divide by 1000:

I am receiving phone numbers from multiple tables.  No standardization was done on any of these tables for formatting.  I have values such as:
(888) 123-4567
(888)  123-4567
888 123-4567

Dear All,
I have a Table where i have 2 fields - date_col and time_col.
I am trying to select the min(time_col) for a particular date / current_date...
When i select all the records from the table for a particular date, i can see the min of time_col is '00:01:33'

I received this error when i run the query on my app, but when i run the same query on teradata studio, it run fine. Why???
I use jdbc driver for run this query.

I am bumping into timestamp conversion error when loading to timestamp column with time zone. The table in the column define as 
​snippet of fastload:


        device_dt_ut (VARCHAR(32)),



This course covers the various things you need to know when converting applications that processed your Oracle database.

Hi there! this is my first post so hopefully I get it right.
Firsty this is work related so I cannot upload any dataset as it pertains to sensitive material. The case is that in the data base there is an application date, completion date and sanctioning date for each application and at the moment these dates are used to compute



I just needed to get the difference between 2 Timestamps in minutes and couldn't find any useful way on the net, so I decided to add my own solution here, in case someone else needs something similar.


Would anybody know why I would be getting this error with Teradata, and not with Teradata 12?

Conversion from type "DBNull" to type 'Integer' is not valid.