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Hi everyone,
I'm working on a system where we're connecting to a Teradata system through a python module. The module uses a connection string in the following format:

I am using the Teradata 13.10 virtual machine and I have assigned it a static IP address ( for host only access.  I am able to connect via BTEQ  - .LOGON,dbc - and with SQL Assistant.   When I try to connect via the .NET provider, I get an error saying that it cannot resolve to an IP address.

I have succesfully set up an Access front-end that links tables from a Teradata database.  Everything works fine when I have the tables linked through a DSN.  I am trying to set up a DSN-less connection, but I am encountering the following error:  "Reserved Error (-7778): there is no message for this error"

I'm trying to write VBA code that will allow me to run a macro in Microsoft Excel 2007 that connects to Teradata SQL assistant (version 13.10), runs SQL (it says ODBC, if that is meaningful), and brings back the results to Excel.

Hi, I am able to create the cubes using the TDOLEDB provider in Analysis Service and only come across the following error when processing the cubes. "The provider 'TDOLEDB.1' is not registered."

I am running the following configurations

- Windows 7

- Database: Teradata on VMware

Hi Teame
I am new to teradata, I haved DB2, in which for connection to DB is quite easy, just call profile and connect to db and we can use UNIX command after SQL if need to do with that.

Hello folks,

                I am new to Teradata , and was hoping to connect to the Teradata DB using the .net provider.

However I am unable to connect. I am getting a invalid connection string error.


I was wondering if you have to follow certain steps to connect using the .net provider ?