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Under Preferences > Data Management > SQL Development > SQL Editor > SQL Files/Scrapbooks, there's a setting for "Default connection information for new SQL files/scrapbooks".  From here, the user selects the database type and name.  This setting doesn't seem to be working for me.  I have it set for a particular Teradata connection.

I'd like to connect to a Oracle database using Teradata Studio 15.0.01 but I'm missing the tab "New Profile Connection Types" in "Window" - "Preferences" - "Teradata Datatools Preferences".
Any ideas?

Good Morning,
I am using Teradata Studio, on Win 7, with the IBM JDBC drivers.
I can create a connection to our DB2 z/os database, and see all our schemas and tables.  I cam right click a table and sample the data. I can even see the SQL that the sample data produces.

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