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Free Compression Tool
We developed a free compression tool, which you can download from our website (the documentation, 15 pages, is included) http://www.dwhpro.com/teradata-compression-3/ Sincerely Roland    
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PPI on Compression
Hi All, Can we create PPI on Compressed columns? If yes, pls share me link where i can get info or material.   Thanks, Praveen.
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Hi,   Can we compress Timestamp field in TD14 (I know that Timestamp fields for only NULL values can be compressed in earlier versions). If yes, can the syntax also be provided?   Thanks for the help
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VARCHAR Compression
Hi , When adding MVC  to VARCHARs is there any space benefit realised from NULL valued columns, I don't beleive there is  (as Null valued varchars take up no space anyway ) but couldn't find anything specifically in the manuals . Thanks Nick  
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Algorithmic compression in DBQL History tables
I am considering the impementation of algorithmic compression within our 13.10 system's DBQL History tables. We have quite a long retention requirement for this data and the daily maintenance and nightly backups are starting to become an issue because of the large sizes.
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How TD Compression Reduces Storage Space and Enhances System Performance
Go in-depth on how NULLs and Compression are managed in a Teradata system.
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Block Level Compression Evaluation Utility
Teradata 13.10 features Block Level Compression (BLC), which provides the capability to perform compression on whole data blocks at the file system level before the data blocks are actually written to storage. Like any compression features, BLC helps save space and reduce I/O. This BLC utility is for Teradata users to run against TD 13.10 system to select the list of BLC candidate tables and evaluate BLC impact on space and speed for each specific table in interest, to get information for selecting appropriate tables to apply BLC.
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On-the-fly Network traffic compression
  Can TPT compress data before ethernet transporting for bandwidth saving (on ETL-side) ?  Can Fastload do it likewise?
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Right Sizing Data for Space Savings and Performance
Everyone is aware of Teradata’s continued commitment to reducing the footprint and resource usage of data by adding compression capabilities and the result on perm space savings and performance, by reducing block size, IO and spool usage.  
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Hello Gurus, My table has a column which is LATIN CHARACTERSET of size VARCHAR(50) . All the records have a value as -99999 for this column. I thought, it would be wise to change datatype to CHAR(50) and compress on '-99999'. It turned that my tablesize inturn increased. Can someone please explain me what could be the reason?