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Does compressing a "byteint not null" column help size or performance at all?
I have a large table with some columns that are either 0 or 1, and are defined as "BYTEINT NOT NULL", thus they should be taking up 1 byte per record.
CompressValueList add blank spaces in DBC.Columns field
Hi all, I'm writing here because I didn't find any previous entry that solve my strange problem. 1) I define a table that has a column with COMPRESS clause
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COMPRESS on Columns
Hi , I need to apply on Compress on columns of nearly 200 tables . before that i need to check on Data Profiling on these tables . I feel that would be time consuming . Is there any compress macro in teradata available which would help me out to reduce my effort but get me a fruitful result . :) :) Thanks !!!      
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Impact of using a compressed column in any join or predicate clause in a query
Hi All, I would like to know If there would be any impact of I/O if we perform any join operations or filter operations on the compressed column considering compression property is majorly a space saving technique. Hope I made myself clear.   Thanks! paddy
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Column compress values from statistics
Besides collecting statistics on your columns on your Teradata database, the compressing of the data to save disk space is a very important maintaining task. So why not connect these two tasks? The idea is to extract the values for the multi value compression of the columns out of the collected statistics.  
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Behavior of VARCHAR and COMPRESSed columns in SPOOL
Hello, Could someone please answer:1. REGARDING VARCHAR: I have a table with one of the columns defined as VARCHAR(255) even though the char length would never exceed 15 characters. Is there any performance impact in defining a column as VARCHAR(255) against defining it as VARCHAR(15).
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Does COMPRESS help performance?
Does Sql have better performance if columns have COMPRESS? If so how does COMPRESS help the performance? Is it because of lesser Spool space?
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Compress text value NULL
Hello: Compress('NULL') Will this compress an actual text value of NULL (i.e. 'NULL')?  I understand it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to store NULL as text, but this isn't my data so I can't do anything with it except suggest that they change it.
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how does compress work in tables
Dear experts, I am very new to teradata and  have TD query as: CREATE SET TABLE tablename( fieldname DECIMAL(15,2) COMPRESS (0.00 ,50.00 ,46.00 ) ); What the value will be entered in this fieldname if i insert 1000.594 in the table?
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MVC Ordering?
[Teradata 13.1] Why? (CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CCLS_Q DECIMAL(18,0) TITLE '체결수량' DEFAULT 0.,
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