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I am trying to package the ODBC driver for installation at our company and am encountering some issues with setup.exe. The GUI claims it is installshield but all the usual command line arguements are not working. I jsut get an error "The setup command line is invalid. The setup cannot proceed".
I have tried ...

Dear colleges,
I want to extract information form a Teradata environment and load it in SQL server ( I know this is not done :-P ). For now my process writs in a file, and then the file is load in SQLserver. Important to tell, I do not want to use SQLserver SSIS but TPT command line version!

I have installed Teradata 13 on VMWare and trying to play around with it but have a few issues with bteq (being slow and hanging after a missing semicoln and so on).

In this session of the Friday Night Project we are finally going to create a Presentation Veneer that will use the Simple Quotation Engine business process we created last week.

However, don’t go getting all excited about MVC Web Pages, Portlets or Web services as we are going back to basics for this one with a plain old Command Line or Console Application interface. Think of it like “Basic Training” Toto, where we establish a usage pattern that we can apply across all further Presentation Veneers.