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I have recently encountered an issue where after running a COLLECT STATS statement on a table, the statistics displayed in the HELP STATS results aren't updating. I found that if I DROP STATS on the index or column and then re-collect stats, it will correctly display.

Try to find some info about how to add info into a Title attribute for a View Column... No luck...
I can stuff Comment into all objects, and Titles into table columns, but view columns... no  !
Is it against some nature of the TD database ?
Any hints ?

We're using Teradata 14.10 and 13.10.

Hi everyone
I've created a table and I want to modify the datatype to one field from Char(4) to Char(5) but it is not possible....I tried to rename the column using the following statement and it was executed OK.

I'm trying to add a comment whithin the CREATE TABLE ddl. I've check that Teradata supports comments  via statements of the type:

Hi All,
I have an existing table in TERADATA and it has a field named log_dttm defined as timestamp.
I want to change the column data type to varchar(30).
"alter table modify" failed to convert.
 ALTER TABLE Failed. 3558:  Cannot alter the specified attribute(s) for log_dttm. 

I've just started playing around with column partitioning in R14. I created a table using a recent example that Paul Sinclair put into a recent Teradata Magazine article:

Hi everyone! I am currently studying Teradata and currently working on this problem of mine. You see, i have this set of data on a flat file that needs to be loaded in a table based on a condition.

This is what my flat file looks like:

SOR|03/17/2012|2 -- This is a header

I have the following SQL to create a view

srv_rsp_evt_id (INTEGER, NAMED srv_rsp_evt_id, Title 'Survey Response Event ID')
, srv_rsp_txt (VARCHAR(1000),NAMED mn_rsn_not_prd_txt , TITLE 'Main Reason Not Productive' )
where srv_qst_cde in ('8303','8307')