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Can somebody tell me if there is a way to use the COBOL INMOD function with TPT. I have a COBOL program the output of which need to be loaded into TD table using TPT after checking each field for nulls. I was using MLOAD funtion earlier and INMOD function could handle this check.

I am trying to select a "microfocus cobol format " dataset from teradata 13.0 ,so that cobol can read them .
I use fastexport to output the dataset.

select * from test;

I want to select data like :

old_xxx new_xxx
-------- --------
-123.456 12345v --negative number will convert to 'v' like in oracle " select chr(ascii('6')+64) from dual"
123.450 123450
-123.450 12345p
123.456 123456