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Below is the statement that is a part of a stored procedure.
SET NOTNULLKEYLIST=' COALESCE('||OREPLACE(pkcollist,',',',''-1''),COALESCE(')||',''-1'') ';

Hi guys,
does anybody know, why coalesce around time interval calculation does not work ?
This works ok :
cast( (dr.CDS_RRRRMMDD_Trigger - P.party_indiv_birth_dt) as Interval YEAR) as Age
This doesn't :
coalesce( cast( (dr.CDS_RRRRMMDD_Trigger - P.party_indiv_birth_dt) as Interval YEAR) ,-1) as Age

Hi, i have a column defined:


On select I want to use CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(2) when END_TM is null

However, the following sql

select COALESCE(END_TM,current_timestamp(2))

throws error:

SELECT Failed. 3800:  Datatype Mismatch in THEN/ELSE expression.

Can coalesce and format function go together?

I want the output of a numeric field to be displayed in specific format ,and 0 when the value in the column is NULL.

So, I use


where Filed is the column name and Table is table name.