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Tables with fallback protection ensures that copy of each row is available on fallback AMPs in the same CLUSTER. I have few questions on this.
1) How do i identify that what all AMPs are the part of same cluster. 
2) Is there any console utility in teradata to check the AMPs which are grouped together?

I tried to do clustering on the iris dataset using KMeans clustering function in Aster Analytics Foundation 5.11. The problem I am facing is
1. For K=2,3,5, 10, upto 50 I just get one cluster with non-zero values.
2. For K=80 I get non-zero clusters, with total rows being 215, but understanding these 80 clusters is not possible.

I have been informed that the manual is not complete for Clustering 2 Viewpoint Servers. This is my amended list of instructions from what I have been told.  Can anyone please check the following and correct/change where required:-

1) Must have two VP servers

2) Must be the same VP release

3) Must be the same time and zone